Energy Pavilion


With a gentle breeze, strips of ribbons move freely in the air. They rustle as people move through the space. A child grabbing the net causes the ribbons to shake, a rippling movement throughout the whole pavilion. Swooshing as people enter the space, laying back in the center they gaze up into the sky; observing the movement of the ribbons, the reflections of ground and sky combine to give an ever changing picture.


The pavilion is a network of interconnected systems that capture energy as sound and movement. Fabricated using high strength UV resistant PTFE rope and steel cables, the interior of the pavilion consists of a series of metallic ribbons hanging from a propped net. The net structure is designed to move and encourage tactile interactivity, whilst its close weave deters people climbing. The ground of the pavilion is a plywood deck structure covered with wet pour rubber. The deck conceals the pre-cast concrete anchors and rises in the center forming a daybed.


All components will be fabricated off-site and assembled in-situ. The metallic ribbons will be pre-cut to length and attached to coded pegs which will allow easy placement on site. At the end of the life cycle, the ribbons and rubber can be recycled as stuffing for toys to be sold through the V&A Museum of Childhood shop.