David Leggett

Principal Architect


David is the Practice leader and qualified architect in Victoria and the UK. Originally from the UK David studied architecture at the University of East London and the University of Westminster. He worked with Edward Cullinan Architects as Director for a period of over 10 years, before coming to Melbourne in 2011. His built projects have been widely published internationally, most notably the Bristol Harbourside Masterplan, Singapore Management University, the International Digital Laboratory for the University of Warwick and the Master Film Store for the British Film Institute.


David has expertise in construction detailing, fabrication and assembly. His interest lies in the materialisation and delivery of projects with innovative technical solutions that reinforce the clarity of a design concept to ensure the delivery of a client’s vision and aspiration. David teaches Master in Architecture design studio at the University of Melbourne. 


Dr Paul Loh

Principal Designer


Paul is a registered architect in the UK, where his built projects have been widely published and have received many awards, most notably the 2011 RIBA award for Kendrew Quadrangle for St John’s College, Oxford. Paul’s drawings and art objects have been exhibited and represented at the Royal Academy, London, and the London Design Festival and Frieze Art Fair, London.


Outside of the practice, he is a Senior Lecturer and co-director of the Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication (ADD+F) research hub at the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. He studied architecture at the University of Melbourne, the University of East London (UEL), and the Architectural Association (Design Research Lab). He gained his doctorate at RMIT University with a dissertation on Digital Material Practice: the Agency of Making. Paul previously taught at UEL and the AA and had lectured in Sweden, China, and the UK. His research focuses on the cognitive engagement of spatial, material and narrative making through digital media from robotics to virtual reality.  

Nan Li

Graduate of Architecture


Graduated from the University of Melbourne, Nan's focus is on 2D and 3D modelling for all our architectural projects, taking your project through the design stages and delivering construction packages perfectly coordinated for your builder. His talents don't stop there. Like all our team, he's not shy of getting his hands dirty within the workshop and fabricating architectural components with mixed reality glasses - Nan can check the finished product matches the computer model.

Psyche Hou

Graduate of Architecture


Another graduate from the University of Melbourne, Psyche fulfils numerous roles from advanced 3D modelling, scripting, programming, coding, electronics prototyping, computer-aided manufacturing and operating our 7-axis Kuka robotic arm. Psyche's eye for detailing and coordination enhances all our architectural projects. Through her advanced modelling skills, she is able to streamline the fabrication process to deliver bespoke designs in the most economical method.

Kyle Kwon

Fabrication Specialist


Not many people get to see Kyle; he is far too busy in the background making stuff. Trained as a Cabinet Maker, Kyle operates all our machinery in the workshop to deliver your project. From architectural concept models, bespoke 1 to 1 scale components and joinery pieces tailored to the architectural design. Kyle is in charge of delivering the final finished components taking care of every detail along the way.

Darren Ng

Student of Architecture


While still studying for his Masters in Architecture at the University of Melbourne, Darren works all his available time in the studio and workshop. He can take your designs to realisation from 3d modelling and detailing to computer-aided manufacturing. With his visualisations skills, he explores design through Virtual Reality and animations. Darren is an all-rounder who fits perfectly into our team.